Benefits of self-talk for mental health

In addition to being very normal, self-talk is beneficial for mental health. The benefits include:

1. Helps you stay focused
When the situation is difficult, you may vent your frustration with expletive exclamations. But you can also remind yourself of the progress you’re experiencing now when you feel like giving up. In the end, it could be that you succeeded because of talking to yourself. Talking to yourself while working on something actually makes you more focused.

2. Helps motivate
When you are stagnating, positive self-talk will help increase your motivation. These words of encouragement are usually more weighty when you say them out loud than just thinking about them. This is because hearing something often helps to reinforce your mind.
A 2014 study also supports this fact. Research says that the type of self-motivation that works best is to talk to oneself as a second or third person.
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