Month: November 2022

How to Deal with Someone Who Has Cinderella Complex

Cinderella syndrome, Cinderella complex, and Cinderella disorder all refer to a psychological condition in which a woman fears true freedom and secretly expects a “handsome and rich prince” to come and take care of her. The term “Cinderella complex” was coined by Agatha Christie in a murder mystery novel, but the book by Colette Dowling brought the condition to public attention worldwide.

Cinderella syndrome is not recognized by the American Psychiatric Association as a diagnosis, but women who feel very dependent on others may need to be treated with a slightly different approach. In addition, good parenting can also prevent children from developing these problems as adults.

Signs Someone Has Cinderella Syndrome
Before knowing how to deal with women with Cinderella Complex syndrome, you should first identify the symptoms, including:

– Always feel anxious about living alone.
– Finds it difficult or impossible to make major life decisions on your … Read the rest

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Mental Problems Cause Sleeping Difficulty According to Psychology

There are many things that can cause insomnia. One of them is the problem of mental health. For example depression, anxiety disorders, and bipolar, can affect the quantity and quality of sleep sufferers.

Even so, not all causes of insomnia are mental problems. You should also not self-diagnose, and ask the experts to get the right diagnosis.

“Some mental problems can be the cause of insomnia. Including depression, anxiety disorders, and others.”

Here are some mental problems that can be the cause of insomnia:

1. Stress
The body’s physical response to stress contributes to hyperarousal, and mental stress can have the same effect. The inability to sleep alone can be a source of stress, making it even more difficult to break the cycle of stress and insomnia.

PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder can occur after experiencing a traumatic event. Exposure to these traumatic situations can create chronic stress, … Read the rest

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