How to deal with stress during WFH

Given that no one knows when this pandemic will end, it means that adjustments must be made immediately. Do not let, chronic stress due to WFH actually has a bad impact on physical and mental health. What are the ways?

1. Create a routine
So important is routine because it can make your day more structured and less stress-prone. Determine what activities mark the start of working time. You can also start the day by exercising lightly or drinking coffee first.

Whatever it is, determine what routine is carried out from morning to night. Don’t let work actually make you immersed in it until you forget lunch time. Although work is done at home, there must still be a regular schedule so that the day runs effectively.

2. Dedicated workspace
No need for a workspace with a contemporary interior, a certain corner in the house with good air circulation and lighting is enough to be used as a workspace. This avoids you getting caught up in the urge to lie on the mattress when you have to finish work.

Even mentally, there is a feeling of being at work and helps to maintain focus when it comes to this particular workspace. So it is when the day ends. Turning off your laptop or computer and leaving this corner will give you an affirmation that you’ve transitioned from work matters back to personal life.

3. Eliminate distractions
When it’s time to work from home, turn off notifications that aren’t work-related. It seems simple, but this is important to avoid stress during WFH. Instead of being good, multitasking will actually feel tiring and make the work unfinished.

Adjust the needs to the respective conditions in the house. If there are many annoying sounds, there is nothing wrong with using noise-cancelling headphones to be more focused on working.

4. Dare to say no
One way to avoid stress during a pandemic is to get used to daring to say no. When there’s something outside of work that interrupts your time working from home, tell them you can’t do it.

It is not easy to do this because many people tend to hesitate when rejecting other people’s requests. However, it is important to train him so as not to burden yourself.

5. Maintain sleep quality
Another root of the problem of stress during WFH is messy sleep. Work is brought to the house, it doesn’t mean you can allocate time throughout the day to do it. Keep applying restrictions on what time to start work.

Avoid accessing mobile phones or laptops at night as it can have an effect on sleep quality. Considering that you have to go back to work tomorrow morning, you should prioritize resting so that you are ready to go back to the day. Don’t forget to practice sleep hygiene.

6. Take care of yourself
In order not to stress during the pandemic, allocate time to yourself. Whatever the form, starting from exercising, calling friends, doing yoga, running hobbies, and others. In this way, you can stay connected with yourself and better understand how to balance work and personal affairs.

7. Take a nap
When working from home, it means that the afternoon break can be used for a short nap, which is only 10 minutes. Because, you don’t need to walk far to find food like when working in the office. Don’t underestimate the benefits of napping because it can make the mood feel much better and ready to go back to work.

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