How to Have a Work Life Balance for a Working Mom

12 Tips On How To Achieve Work Life Balance For Working Moms

Being a mother who also has to work in an office can cause feelings of guilt and stress, because attention is divided between work and family. The reality is whether moms work from home, part-time, full-time, or have a flexible or rigid schedule, things aren’t perfect.

Of course, there must be sacrifices to be made. This is why, for some mothers, having a work-life balance is quite difficult. Because the best balance is different for everyone. Some depend on being able to seek help, while others rely on time management or flexibility.

Either way, the key is to focus on the plan, stay organized, and find the right balance between profession and parenthood. How to? Here are some tips that mothers can do to maintain productivity and mental health:

1. Don’t feel guilty
Instead of thinking about how the mother is not with the child, it is better to think about how the mother’s role in the company benefits the family. Maybe the mother is able to provide certain educational opportunities for the children or can set aside savings for college.

The most successful career moms have found a way to be efficient in both worlds. However, this requires the ability to accept choices and focus on current priorities. So accept that there will be good days and bad days, and you need to know that you are not alone. Share the heavy burden on your partner so you can find a solution together.

2. Look for quality daycare
So that children’s activities are monitored while mom and dad are working, there’s nothing wrong with hiring a household assistant or babysitter. You can also leave your child in day care or day care. However, make sure the mother hires an assistant or nanny who does have good experience with children.

Likewise, when mothers and fathers decide to entrust their little ones to daycare. Look for a place of care that is credible, has a caregiver who loves children, and supports child development by providing interesting activities.

3. Make preparations before leaving for work
In order not to rush in the morning, the mother should have prepared all the needs of the child in the evening. Furthermore, the mother only needs to prepare breakfast and lunch for the child (as well as the mother’s own lunch).

If possible, share the task of preparing for the children’s needs with the father. So, mothers can start the day and work with a fresh body and mind, not already exhausted from the hassle of preparing everything beforehand.

4. Make time for ‘me time’
Don’t forget, you still have to take time for yourself, no matter how busy the work you do everyday. Just being with yourself for 30 minutes, at least 5 days a week is actually enough for you to regain positive energy and get rid of all negative thoughts.

You can do many things even if you only have a short time. For example reading books, listening to music, meditation, relaxation, yoga, bathing, even just resting. If you have more time, you can use it to go for a walk to get some fresh air.

5. Don’t forget to exercise
Work life balance is also closely related to sports. Exercising is not just to lose weight but to keep the body in shape. This physical activity can help the body release happy hormones and bring positive energy. That way, mothers can maintain a balance of life and work.

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