How to Treat Agoraphobia

If you or someone around you is experiencing symptoms of agoraphobia, consult a doctor immediately. The doctor will perform a thorough physical and mental condition examination to determine the appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

If the results of the examination are in accordance with agoraphobia, the doctor may provide treatment in the form of:

To restore the mental condition of people with agoraphobia, it is necessary to do psychotherapy with a psychiatrist or psychologist. Psychotherapy is done to help sufferers control themselves so they can deal with situations that usually cause fear in them.

One of the therapies used is cognitive behavioral therapy. This therapy aims to invite agoraphobia sufferers to be aware of what things can trigger or exacerbate fear and panic attacks. After that, sufferers are also trained to change their mindset towards the source of their fear.

Given Medication
Generally, doctors will give you antidepressant drugs or anti-anxiety drugs. Antidepressant drugs are more often used to control feelings of fear and prevent panic attacks. Commonly prescribed antidepressants are sertraline and fluoxetine.

Meanwhile, anti-anxiety drugs are commonly used to relieve anxiety attacks that are currently happening. This medicine is not to be taken regularly. Anti-anxiety or sedative drugs that may be given are benzodiazepines.

Consumption of both types of drugs can cause side effects in the form of physical complaints or even in the form of additional panic attacks. So, make sure you only take this as directed by your doctor.

In addition to psychotherapy and medication, agoraphobia sufferers also need to make lifestyle changes. Regular meditation can help you clear your mind when fears and panic attacks arise.

In addition, regular exercise, eating healthy foods, and avoiding caffeinated and alcoholic beverages can also help increase positive mood and relieve stress.

Agoraphobia can make you look like you want to distance yourself from other people or even your family. In fact, you actually need the support of the closest people to deal with agoraphobia. So if you feel you have this condition, don’t hesitate to express it and ask for help from them.

Accompanied by those closest to you can make you feel more secure. However, it would be nice if you also ask them to accompany you to consult a psychiatrist. That way, you can get the right examination and treatment for dealing with agoraphobia.

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