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How to Treat Agoraphobia

If you or someone around you is experiencing symptoms of agoraphobia, consult a doctor immediately. The doctor will perform a thorough physical and mental condition examination to determine the appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

If the results of the examination are in accordance with agoraphobia, the doctor may provide treatment in the form of:

To restore the mental condition of people with agoraphobia, it is necessary to do psychotherapy with a psychiatrist or psychologist. Psychotherapy is done to help sufferers control themselves so they can deal with situations that usually cause fear in them.

One of the therapies used is cognitive behavioral therapy. This therapy aims to invite agoraphobia sufferers to be aware of what things can trigger or exacerbate fear and panic attacks. After that, sufferers are also trained to change their mindset towards the source of their fear.

Given Medication
Generally, doctors will give you antidepressant drugs or … Read the rest

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Recognizing Agoraphobia Symptoms and Proper Treatment

Agoraphobia is the fear of not having a way out or help when something dangerous happens. This fear can make a person feel trapped, helpless, and unsalvageable when in public spaces, crowded situations, or even public spaces.

People with agoraphobia tend to avoid traveling to public spaces or crowded places, such as shopping centers, cinemas, markets, or public transportation. They feel the need to be accompanied by the closest people when they are in public spaces so they can feel more comfortable.

Symptoms of Agoraphobia
Until now, the cause of agoraphobia is still not known with certainty. It is possible that this is genetic. However, a person with a history of repeated panic attacks is more prone to experience agoraphobia

Although rare, agoraphobia can also occur in people who do not have a history of panic attacks. Symptoms of agoraphobia are divided into 3, namely physical, behavioral, and cognitive symptoms.… Read the rest

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