Stress Or Too Much Thought? Do These 3 Things!

Who does not have stress or a lot of thoughts? Surely you all have or often experience it. If you’re stressed, you’ll end up angry or crying. Well, from now on try to be diverted to something else. Here are things you can do when you’re stressed or on your mind:

1. Do activities you enjoy
You must have a hobby or activity that you enjoy. You can relieve your stress by doing activities or hobbies that you enjoy. Now you can do it.

2. Talk or share stories
If you still or don’t have a hobby, you can eliminate or forget for a moment your stressful thoughts by telling stories or talking to people you trust. So that the burden of thoughts that are privacy can be stored properly. Because humans can not accommodate excessive thoughts so that it can cause stress to depression.

3. Healing
Healing can mean … Read the rest

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