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Crying While Listening to Songs Makes You Healthier, Really?

When you’re having a tough day, music can be a way to elevate your mood. Sometimes, not a few people cry while listening to songs. However, did you know that it is healthy, you know?

A study conducted by Scientific Reports revealed that crying and listening to music can actually increase feelings of happiness and mood. So, you can reduce feelings of sadness or tiredness by listening to music

Crying While Listening to Songs Can Eliminate Sadness.
What kind of songs do you listen to when you’re sad? Excited or mellow? Logically, when we are sad, we should listen to songs with a fast tempo that can make us more excited. However, in a study by Scientific Reports, listening to sad songs when you are sad and crying because of it can actually make you feel relieved and ultimately improve your mood.

In the study, the researchers asked participants to … Read the rest

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Benefits of self-talk for mental health

In addition to being very normal, self-talk is beneficial for mental health. The benefits include:

1. Helps you stay focused
When the situation is difficult, you may vent your frustration with expletive exclamations. But you can also remind yourself of the progress you’re experiencing now when you feel like giving up. In the end, it could be that you succeeded because of talking to yourself. Talking to yourself while working on something actually makes you more focused.

2. Helps motivate
When you are stagnating, positive self-talk will help increase your motivation. These words of encouragement are usually more weighty when you say them out loud than just thinking about them. This is because hearing something often helps to reinforce your mind.
A 2014 study also supports this fact. Research says that the type of self-motivation that works best is to talk to oneself as a second or third person.
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Like to Talk To Yourself, Are The Symptoms Of Mental Health Disorders Really?

Self-talk is often done by many people, especially when it comes to deciding something, you unconsciously bring out the idea inside the head. This is normal for many people to do, but it feels strange to talk to yourself in a public place. It can be considered less sane or abnormal.
But as it turned out, a study said that talking to yourself is a normal common behavior. Usually this is called self-talk or self-directed talk. Although people often associate self-talk with mental health problems, health experts consider this normal at any age even beneficial in some conditions.

Is self talk normal?
Researchers have been studying self-talk for a long time since 1880. Scientists are interested in what people say to themselves, why they talk to themselves, and the purpose of talking to themselves.
Researchers then define self-talk as a verbal expression of an internal position or belief, which means … Read the rest

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Stress Or Too Much Thought? Do These 3 Things!

Who does not have stress or a lot of thoughts? Surely you all have or often experience it. If you’re stressed, you’ll end up angry or crying. Well, from now on try to be diverted to something else. Here are things you can do when you’re stressed or on your mind:

1. Do activities you enjoy
You must have a hobby or activity that you enjoy. You can relieve your stress by doing activities or hobbies that you enjoy. Now you can do it.

2. Talk or share stories
If you still or don’t have a hobby, you can eliminate or forget for a moment your stressful thoughts by telling stories or talking to people you trust. So that the burden of thoughts that are privacy can be stored properly. Because humans can not accommodate excessive thoughts so that it can cause stress to depression.

3. Healing
Healing can mean … Read the rest

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