The effect of work and life are out of balance

When work and life are out of balance, the condition can have a negative effect on your health. In addition to triggering the appearance of health problems, the condition also has the potential to affect your relationships with other people.
Here are some of the negative effects that may appear when you fail to achieve work-life balance:

1. Fatigue
When you suffer from fatigue, you can potentially experience disturbances in thinking and working productively. These conditions will not only damage your reputation, but also trigger dangerous and detrimental decision-making.

2. The body is not fit enough
Stress from overwork can have a devastating impact on your health. Not only physical health, stress can also trigger the emergence of mental problems such as depression, anxiety, to thoughts to end life.

3. Losing time with loved ones
Being busy with work makes you lose time with loved ones like best friends, girlfriends, or family. If it goes on and on, it also has the potential to damage your relationship with them.

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